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Lollapalooza Consultancy, Support & Media Marketing case study

Karve Digital Steps onto the Dance Floor: Building Lollapalooza's B2B Beat on LinkedIn



Lollapalooza, a UAE-born shoe design company, wasn't just about creating comfortable footwear for ladies. They were poised to disrupt the market with their vibrant designs and empowering message. But in the crowded B2B landscape, finding their rhythm and connecting with the right partners took strategic steps. Enter Karve Digital, ready to get their B2B moves groovin' on LinkedIn.


Lollapalooza needed a stage to connect with key industry players, potential investors, and collaborators. As their website was in production, readying itself for launch, they needed a platform to showcase their brand narrative, attract the right partnerships, and amplify their voice in the competitive UAE market.


Karve Digital crafted a bespoke LinkedIn strategy for Lollapalooza, centred around the charismatic presence of their CEO, Lise Slane. We created a dedicated Business Network Page, transforming it into a hub for industry engagement. Compelling content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Lollapalooza's creative process, captivated the B2B audience.


Karve Digital's approach brought the Lollapalooza brand to life on LinkedIn. Engagement is one of continual growth with page visitors soaring and connections multiplying. The platform has attracted potential partners, collaborators, and investors, impressed by Lise's vision and the brand's innovative spirit. Lollapalooza have put themselves on the map in the UAE footwear industry, attracting valuable connections and propelling their B2B growth.

Lise Slane, CEO of Lollapalooza commented, “It has been great to work with David and the team at karve. Their input into our social strategy has been incredible. We are already having conversations with great UAE brands and can really see the value and impact the LinkedIn page has had to attract potential businesses”.

Karve Digital's targeted LinkedIn strategy transformed Lollapalooza's B2B social presence, opening doors to a network of valuable collaborations and potential investments. By amplifying their brand voice and fostering meaningful connections, we helped Lollapalooza step onto the Social Media stage and dance to their own empowering beat.


The Lollapalooza case study proves that B2B marketing thrives on authenticity and engagement. By leveraging LinkedIn's potential and showcasing the human element behind the brand, Karve Digital helped Lollapalooza find their social space. This is a testament to the power of strategic social media in building meaningful B2B connections and fueling brand success.

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