Technical Auditing and Testing

Regular website audits and tests ensure that your website is meeting the needs of your users and performing optimally.

At karve, we can run technical audits, as well as make recommendations on the best practice for UI and UX design.

Technical Auditing and Testing

Unleash Your Website's SEO Potential with Expert Technical Auditing & Testing by Karve Digital

Karve Digital's comprehensive technical auditing and testing services diagnose and fix the hidden roadblocks in your website or ecommerce platform. We delve deep into your website's code, performance, and security to identify and eliminate issues like:

  • Broken links and redirects: We'll uncover and fix broken links, ensuring smooth navigation and positive user experience.
  • Sluggish loading times: We'll analyse and optimise your website's performance for lightning-fast loading, boosting engagement and SEO.
  • Unsecured vulnerabilities: Protect your website and users with our thorough security audit. We'll identify and patch potential vulnerabilities..
  • Mobile-friendliness issues: Reach your audience wherever they are. We'll ensure your website is responsive and optimised for flawless viewing on all devices.
  • Search engine indexing barriers: We'll identify and fix any indexing issues, helping your website climb the search engine ladder.

Karve Digital's technical auditing and testing goes beyond just identifying problems. We provide you with actionable insights and clear, prioritised recommendations for improvement.


Our team of SEO experts will work with you to implement the necessary fixes, ensuring your website or ecommerce platform is healthy, secure, and ready to soar in search results.

Invest in your website's future with Karve Digital's technical auditing and testing services. Contact us for a free consultation and let's unlock your website's true SEO potential!

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